Pro Series Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Mega Wide Angle & Macro Lens

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The Pro Series Selfie Stick is not like 99% of the cheap ass selfie sticks on the market that bends and breaks when you sister picks it up.  Assuming you have a sister, brother that you call sister, or any rough handler then this stick can take whatever they dish out.

Our Pro Series Selfie Stick is made from a thick and sturdy aluminum that doesn't bend and surely won't break when you swing it around for that 360 degree shot of your beautiful head.  With independently locking sections you have the freedom and stability that other imitations can't match.  Bluetooth connectivity that is super fast and simple.  You can be up and running within 60 seconds. The whole device folds onto itself so that you can easily store it in the carrying bag and take it anywhere.

Don't forget that our Pro Series Selfie Stick is also compatible with GoPro mounts and any mount that uses the GoPro format.  


As a bonus, you also get our CamRah Mega Wide angle and Macro lens combo lens.  This easily takes your photos to another dimension.  Never settle for cutting off part of your photos again by using the Mega Wide angle lens and capturing every bit of your surrounding or even those friends who get stuck on the outer edges of your selfies!  The macro lens is an awesome way to really get some amazing close-up shots.  And when we say close-up, we're talking about seeing a tiny ant's lazy eye close.

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